wouldn't it be great to sit 

with an artist 

and learn how to 

draw people and the

creatures of fantasy? 

cosy at home

 any time of the day or night?

People In Fantasy Art
People are really my favorite things to draw.  Fantasy people are all about our dreams, or nightmares.

So ... that means you can learn how to draw a person here that has wings like a fairy or angel, or wears leather and metal armor like an ancient warrior!

I Have Been Trying To Learn To Draw For A Long Time...
It's never too late... and I am totally proof of that!

Loved drawing when I was a kid, and then decided that I had to grow up and drawing just seemed silly!

Drawing Faces is really hard...
You know what?

Once you have done some faces, you will find it not so terrifying.

In fact it can become one of your favorite things to draw, when you learn a few secrets about how to approach it.

Why just pencil drawing?

I don't care what artist you talk to, whether they are painting beautiful watercolors, heavy duty oils, or completely digital... they will tell you that you have to know how to draw a pencil drawing first.

Yep, even the most senior concept artist will sketch out ideas on paper with a pencil!

So... want to learn how to draw people?


What About Drawing Dragons?

Don't worry, there's lots of dragons to be drawn as a member of the school...Once you enter the Hall of Lessons, you will find a whole section on Dragons and Monsters!


Can I try something for free?

It just so happens that I have a whole free area in the school, and as soon as you sign up...without a credit card or anything you can access the free videos, and even the free e books that I give away.

For a taste of what is free ...


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